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To sustain our continuous improvement and satisfy our Customers requirements we rallied a team consisting more than 250 Azerbaijani specialists. Personnel assigned for Projects always have valuable experience in similar construction, management and organization works.

All our personnel are competent and possess appropriate education, skills and experience to handle any tasks.

We consider that high-qualified and experienced personnel are one of the key factors for the successful execution of Projects and sustain personnel continuous improvement by related technical and safety trainings.

It is part of our policy to provide employees with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, arrange an environment for personal development and growth and support understanding to carry out their job effectively.

Following our corporate personnel training program we arranges on a regular basis various technical courses and HSE trainings carried out by authorized third-parties, followed by assessments and certification. We used all possible opportunities, including Customer training programs, for improvement of our personnel. Any new or modified procedures and requirements are timely introduces to personnel, as soon as they appear. And as outcomes from the trainings we have improvement on execution, quality and safety of works.

By effective trainings we direct our personnel in perception of risk and result in significant improvements in health and safety performance, preparing our staff to work safely and reducing accidents and damage to property and equipment.