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Health, Safety and Environment

HSE Leadership for TIC is all about making organizational health, safety and security expectations clear, supporting HSS financially, being present when key HSE issues are decided, being positive about and supportive of others health, safety and security efforts, creating and insisting on a safe, healthy and caring company culture.

TIC create polices to recognize the importance to all environmental issues, health protection and safety measures; established clear goals and strategies to implement and monitor preventative programs, practices and responsibilities. Our polices explains the reporting and retention requirements of the legislative regulations and have approved required resources foundation for management of the developed program. TIC is comply with all HSSE & Q policies of the Customers.

It is a constant demonstration by the senior executives, key managers and others that health and safety is the critical element with daily operations of TIC.

Our Company studies and practices have found that management involvement in a number of HSE activities was associated with good HSE performance and leadership.

Active involvement of management acts as a motivational force for both management and for employees. The highest level of performance a manager/supervisor can expect from the people he/she supervises is determined largely by his/her minimum acceptable standards.