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Facilities and Resources


TIC is a multi-profile construction company with ability to perform various by type and volume of works.

Our qualified and experienced team is involved with diverse construction using high quality modern construction technologies and quality material. Our in-house professional engineering and design teams guarantee timely and successful completion of Projects related to:

  • Civil, Construction and Structural,
  • Electrical supply and Networks,
  • Mechanical and Piping.
Engineering staff Disciplines
Design Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical
Survey Geological, Civil
Construction Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical-Hydraulic
Qualified Engineer Civil, Geological, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic
Engineer Planning, AutoCAD-Drafting


TIC disposes of big park of technique and vehicles which allows us to carry out all works in timelly and safelly maner. All equipment and vehicles are certified, inspected and fully meet requirements and procedures. All technique permanently pass TIC internal inspection and Customers inspection at regular base.

TIC has established a long term relationship with plant hire companies and maintains close contact with companies which provides technique. We can hire needed technique, available in country, if will be shortfall; equip in short terms provide with all equipment, devices, etc. in accordance with requirements.

All equipment are provided with certificates, stored in safe manner and daily checked to ensure fitness for work.

TIC has all recourses for sustain the technique in proper condition, have necessary spare part and reliable contacts for preventive maintenance and repair the technique, if necessary.

Additional to HSE equipment, construction equipment, facilities and vehicles will be inspected, certified periodically (where relevant) in order to maintain good and safe working performance and to prevent any potential incidents or accidents.

Currently equipment divided by regions, and stored in our bases.